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Hi! You've found the worldwide 'Wild Seaweed' website!  We're 

John & Barbara Stephens~Lewallen

John and Barbara of Mendocino Sea Vegetable Company harvesting seaweed off the Mendocino Coast

Wild Seaweed Seminar June 8, 2013

Barbara and John Stephens~Lewallen, world-renound wildcrafters of edible seaweed, offer the public a rare opportunity to walk with them in their sacred wildcrafting and seaweed drying location on Saturday, June 8.

The wild seaweed seminar will meet at the Greenwood Beach parking area in Elk at 6 a.m., and walk down the trail to the north end of Elk Beach to visit the amazing seaweed garden opened up by a very low tide. We will harmoniously harvest some of the best wild seaweeds in the world. Barbara and John will share information, poetry and lore from their many decades as harvesters, cooks, ocean protection activists, and students of nutrition immersed in the world of wild seaweed.

At noon the seaweed seminar will move to the Seaweed Chateau in Philo, where we will spread seaweed to dry in the hot Mendocino sun, have a picinic lunch, prepare and discuss seaweed cookery and nutritional healing use.

Participants are invited to harvest up to ten wet pounds of delectable edible seaweed for personal use to preserve and enjoy. All are welcome to join John and Barbara in making love offerings of beauty for the ocean spirit.

The fee for the whole day seminar is $100. If you prefer to only attend the morning seaweed walk and lecture at Greenwood the fee is $55, the fee for the afternoon session at the Seaweed Chateau in Philo where we will be learning the craft of drying your seaweed to preserve it, seaweed dish preparation and nutritional information is $55.00

For more detailed information and to register for the June 8 Wild Edible Seaweed Seminar contact Barbara and John at   email us, or call:(707)895-2996. write us: PO Box 455, Philo, Ca 95466  Phone

We accept credit cards for payment and to hold your reservation.

We offer a 10% discount if you would like to pay by check or money order by May 31. Checks can be made out and mailed to: Mendocino Sea Vegetable Co., PO Box 455, Philo, Ca 95466 

The Greenwood Beach in Elk is a three-hour drive north of the San Francisco Bay area. Please email or call for directions.

For harvesting equipment, bring a sharp knife to cut the seaweed, Warm clothes, foot wear that helps you stay safe in tide pools, paper and pen for notes, dry footwear, water to drink, a natural offering of beauty for the spirit of the ocean, a backpack or such to carry your personal items.

John and Barbara practice and teach harmonious seaweed wildcrafting, attuned to the spirits of the elements and the human community.

We are looking forward to celebrating with you our 36th year of Wildcrafting the Beautiful, Wild Seaweeds that grow along the clean, wild, nutrient rich waters off the Mendocino Coast. Our Seaweed dance of love and peace.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your support over the years.

Wishing you good health and happiness, Love, Barbara and John

Since 1980 we've operated the Mendocino Sea Vegetable Company providing quality wildcrafted sea vegetables and information. If you can't find what you want to know about edible wild seaweed here,  email us, or phone or write us: PO Box 455, Philo, Ca 95466  Phone: (707) 895-2996

"Sea vegetables" are seaweed, marine algae, which are not only edible but actually beautiful and delectable.  Packed with nutritional and healing properties needed now as never before, sea vegetables are rapidly moving from Asian cultures, where for centuries they have been regarded as food for kings and gods, into the natural healing foods and even gourmet cuisine markets of the Western world.

If you want to see our  Current Price List , click here for a list of the wild seaweeds we harvest, dry, and ship anywhere in the world.

Our 32 page booklet "Sea Vegetable Gourmet Cookbook and Foragers Guide" written in 1987 is still available, while John and I are writing our new Wild Sea Vegetable Cook book and harvesting guide. It will contain the wild sea vegetables of the world's temperate oceans, along with complete nutritional information on wild sea vegetables and new & exciting recipes including preparing sea vegetables 'in the raw' & healthy fermenting.  Click here for  Sea Vegetable Book Ordering Information .

Dulse Wildcrafting with Devotional Love: John Banks of White Head Island
White Head Island Dulse, wildcrafted with devotional love by John Banks, is the very best North Atlantic Dulse John and Barbara Stephens-Lewallen observed on our September, 2006 “Wild Seaweed Safari” to coastal Northern Maine, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. We are honored to offer White Head Island Dulse to Mendocino Sea Vegetable Company customers. Read more...

Tsukigase Health Green Tea
Tsukigase Health Green Tea is a Japanese green tea of unsurpassed quality and taste.  Probably you have never tasted green tea as good as these tender young leaves from a family-tended tea garden in an ancient Japanese village.  Lovingly grown by the Iwata Family without agricultural chemicals, Tsukigase Health Green Tea is certified organic by the Government of Nara Prefecture, Japan.

Many Americans are now aware that green tea is a health-giving, mildly stimulating drink.  Yet it is difficult to find green tea that is both organic and good-tasting.  Now, in limited quantity, we can bring you the best from the Japanese organic farming movement.  Click to visit the Iwatas in their Tsukigase Health Tea Garden.

Click here to access  Other sites of Interest: The Worldwide Seaweed Net . Thanks to Professor Mike Guiry of the University of Ireland at Galway, we're connected with marine algae/seaweed/sea vegetable information from around the planet Earth.

Now come with us to explore harvesting and cooking with a wild sea vegetable.  Click here to visit either the  White Head Island Dulse or the  kombu (laminaria digitata & setchelli) of both coasts of North America.

Check out  Recipes for some of our favorite sea vegetable cooking concepts.

 Ocean Protection is part of the Lewallens' life with seaweed.  You can help keep the sacred sea vegetable habitat pure.

Family Life in the Tidepools offers my late wife Eleanor's writing as a mother, ocean protection activist, and seaweed harvester.

A Healing Food for our Era presents some of John's writings on sea vegetables.

We'd love to hear from you.  Please drop us a quick  email note with your responses to our website!

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