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"Sea vegetables" are seaweed, marine algae, which are not only edible but actually beautiful and delectable.  Packed with nutritional and healing properties needed now as never before, sea vegetables are rapidly moving from Asian cultures, where for centuries they have been regarded as food for kings and gods, into the natural foods and even gourmet cuisine markets of the Western world.

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Our "Sea Vegetable Gourmet Cookbook and Wildcrafter's Guide" is the definitive book on harvesting and cooking with the wild sea vegetables of the world's temperate oceans, along with complete nutritional information on sea vegetables and some far-ranging essays.  Click here for  Sea Vegetable Book Ordering Information .

Tsukigase Health Green Tea
Tsukigase Health Green Tea is a Japanese green tea of unsurpassed quality and taste.  Probably you have never tasted green tea as good as these tender young leaves from a family-tended tea garden in an ancient Japanese village.  Lovingly grown by the Iwata Family without agricultural chemicals, Tsukigase Health Green Tea is certified organic by the Government of Nara Prefecture, Japan.

Many Americans are now aware that green tea ia a health-giving, mildly stimulating drink.  Yet it is difficult to find green tea that is both organic and good-tasting.  Now, in limited quantity, we can bring you the best from the Japanese organic farming movement.  Click to visit the Iwatas in their Tsukigase Health Tea Garden.

Click here to access  Other sites of Interest: The Worldwide Seaweed Net . Thanks to Professor Mike Guiry of the University of Ireland at Galway, we're connected with marine algae/seaweed/sea vegetable information from around the planet Earth.

Now come with us to explore harvesting and cooking with a wild sea vegetable.  Click here to visit either the  rust-red Dulse or the  honey-winged Alaria (Wakame) of both coasts of North America.

Check out  Recipes for some of Eleanor's favorite sea vegetable cooking concepts.

 Ocean Protection 

Family Life in the Tidepools offers Eleanor's writing as a mother, ocean protection activist, and seaweed harvester.

A Healing Food for our Era presents some of John's writings on sea vegetables.

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